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For Employers

We are in the people business.

Are you searching for employees that have been trained to understand your work environment?

At 2C Workforce Solutions we are in the people business. We’re in the business of leaving individuals, companies and communities happy and fulfilled. 

From our employees and associates to our clients and communities that we serve, our focus is on people. We believe that when people are fulfilled, they’re happy, and when they’re happy, they do their best work, helping individuals, companies and communities thrive.

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Working with 2C Workforce Solutions 

When you work with 2C Workforce Solutions – as a job seeker, customer, or as part of our team – you’ll soon discover why we’re different. Not only do we provide the very best staffing service and hiring expertise, but we do it with a passion for making a positive difference in people’s lives.

Bottom line: We care.

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What We Do

Flexible Staffing

Consider flexible staffing if you have issues with the following:
• Unpredictable Staffing Costs
• Low Quality Talent
• Increased Overtime Cost
• Increased Turnover

Project Staffing

Our flexible workforce solutions are ongoing extensions of your business that enable you to have more comfort in an ever changing world. A flexible workforce that is an extension of your operation from our expertise of accessing talent in the community is key to our success.

Onsite Management:

Our onsite staffing model provides a robust, unified, and holistic workforce strategy—with a personal and expert touch.

Staffing Professionals

 There’s a team of staffing professionals onsite who manage talent acquisition, employee engagement & retention while measuring the effectiveness and efficiencies of the program—pivoting as the workforce dynamics change.

Direct Hires

Generally speaking, many job seekers are looking for a permanent, full-time position. By directly hiring through 2C Workforce Solutions means that you’re more likely to see a greater number of highly qualified candidates apply for the role. This can make it easier to hire the right person faster or fill a need for a niche skill. By trusting us to find the right employee for your open role you cut down on the following:

  • Rising recruitment costs
  • Lengthy time to fill
  • Challenges securing hard to find skillsets

Reentry Hiring:

Matching the right employee to the right job is our specialty and commitment to the community.

Our focus is assisting returning citizens to secure employment. We specialize in helping people overcome the barriers caused by having a criminal record. We help with job search, placement career planning, and training. Contact us here if you are interested in hiring returning citizens or if you are a returning citizen searching for an opportunity.


Our Areas of Expertise and Lines of Business

Contact Center
Information Technology
Frequently Asked Questions

Our Workforce Solutions

With the understanding that each employer is unique with different workforce needs and each candidate is different in the type of role they are looking for, we have created a service offering portfolio to meet the various demands.

Why would I work with a staffing agency?

They work with multiple employers and can help expand your job search. From entry-level to the C-suite, they can help you with career advancement.

  • They work with multiple employers and can help expand your job search.
  • From entry-level to the C-suite, they can help you with career advancement.
  • They can help you find flexible employment with full- or part-time opportunities that are short-term, long-term, or seasonal. 
  • They often provide mentorship and guidance to candidates on topics like interview preparation and resumes.
  • They work directly with employers and can help you stand out. 
  • Gain access to exclusive jobs. 
  • Employers, not job seekers, typically pay for staffing services
What do you specialize in?

We specialize in a few lines of business, including light industrial and manufacturing, supply chain and e-commerce, administrative and call center,  information technology and professional services.

What kind of benefits do you offer?

When you are placed in a temporary or temp-to-hire (also called contract or contract-to-hire) position through 2C Workforce Solutions, you can take advantage of our benefits program.

It includes weekly pay, perks , voluntary insurance benefits (like dental, vision, critical care, accident, and more),  and  voluntary 401(k) savings plan with employer-paid match. You can also view our additional benefits on our Benefits page.

Why should I work with you rather than just job searching on my own?

We have long-term relationships with employers. This means that we often know about jobs that aren’t being advertised yet. It also means that we can directly promote your application to the employer which will help you get noticed. In addition, we provide services to ensure you’re prepared like resume review, interview preparation, skill building, job training, and more.

I have responsibilities that won’t allow me to work a typical 9-5 job; can you help?

Of course. Once we understand your circumstances, we’ll help you find a role that fits. We offer a wide range of opportunities from second and third-shift positions to temporary or short-term assignments.

And, if your circumstances change, we offer full-time and first-shift positions, as well.

What types of positions do you offer?

We offer the following:

  • Temporary
  • Temporary To Hire
  • Permanent Hires
What do you pay hourly?

It depends on what our clients pay hourly for the open role.

How long do I have to work before I can work directly for the client?

During the temp-to-hire process you will need to work 600 hours to be converted to the client’s payroll.

What if I do not like my assignment?

If you do not like your assignment or feel you are incapable of performing the duties based on the job description, please contact your recruiter immediately. The recruiter will make every attempt to reassign you to a more suitable position. However, it is your responsibility to finish your week of work so that we can contact the employer and make them aware of your decision to end your assignment.

How am I paid?

You are paid weekly via direct deposit or pay card that we will provide to you.

Let's Begin Your New Career Journey Together.