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We are a community staffing partner

We are focused on connecting people with opportunities to make a difference. Our motivation is to make impactful changes to the lives of our candidates, our business partners and employers, and the communities to which we support.

We strive to provide an excellent experience while solving a problem. We are more than a traditional staffing agency – we are a community partner.

Our Mission

2C Workforce Solutions provides meaningful job opportunities to the incarcerated, the formerly incarcerated, and their family and friends. At 2C, we look at every applicant as unique, and work across our community of employers to provide everyone equal opportunity.

What We Do

Employer Partnership

2C Workforce Solutions is focused on establishing and building a business partnership to successfully optimize your workforce by providing staffing and workforce solutions.

We take the time to learn your business environment and gain an understanding on the business goals that drive success to ensure that we in turn provide not only qualified candidates for the position, but qualified candidates for the position and the opportunity (company, environment, culture, etc.).

Our goal is that we earn your trust to be an extension to your workforce. You can depend on 2C Workforce Solutions for all your staffing needs.

For Job Seekers

At 2C Workforce Solutions, our goal is to build relationships with our candidates and understand where you are in your journey versus simply placing people in jobs.

We assess skillsets and gather information to fully understand your current goals as well as your future goals. This approach allows us then to present opportunities that best align with each individual.

In doing so, we can work towards securing the right job for you.


2C Workforce Solutions is committed to supporting employee’s total health and wellness.

Who We Are

Our Leadership

Our team has combined over 30 years supporting our lines of businesses, including: Manufacturing, Distribution, Call Center, eCommerce, Contact Center, and Information Technology.

Jessica L. Artz
President, 2C Workforce Solutions
Tony Lowden

Let's Begin Your New Career Journey Together